Commercial Services Only

Snow Removal in Decatur

At Clipper's Lawn and Landscaping, we offer snow removal services for commercial clients and businesses located throughout the Decatur area. With our snow removal services, we can clear and plow snow from roadways, walkways, and parking lots. We can also treat surfaces to prevent ice and snow buildup. We will be ready when a Decatur snow storm hits to treat and plow your parking lots, roadways, and walkways in order to ensure the safety of all of your customers and employees.

Our Snow Removal Services

Our snow removal and ice control services that are available for Decatur commercial clients include:

  • Snow plowing from parking lots and private roadways

  • Snow and ice clearing from sidewalks and other walkways

  • Ice control treatment application to roads and walkways

  • Snow removal and haul away as needed

The Importance of Having a Snow Removal Plan

As a local business or commercial property owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the surfaces on which people walk and drive are safe and free of any unnecessary hazards. Removing and clearing any snow or ice is an important part of ensuring safety for your customers and employees. With our snow removal and ice control services for commercial clients, we will help you to keep your roadways, parking lots, and walkways safe and clear in order to prevent accidents and injury.