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It's a common misconception that trees should never be pruned in the winter and also that tree care companies don't operate in the winter as well. These are simply not true. Trees can benefit in several different manners from cold weather pruning services.

The dormancy periods when trees aren't actively growing is the best time to prune for several reasons.

In the winter months, deciduous trees will lose all their leaves making all the limbs and structural integrity of the trees easy to evaluate. This makes it easy for a trained professional to identify any dead limbs that need to be pruned. We can also identify any dangerous branches that may fall on a person or structure when weighted down by snow or ice. 

When trees are pruned in the winter, tree diseases are most likely dormant which enables you to remove without spreading to other trees or shrubs. This is also true for fungi, parasites, insects and bacteria in trees. 

Pruning trees in the winter dormancy period does not stimulate new growth that the cold weather can kill while damaging and disfiguring your trees as fall pruning can when done too late in the year. Every pruning cut leaves a "wound" that is susceptible to destruction by insects and pathogens. This is less likely to be the case when you prune your trees in the winter because it leads to optimum wound closure so they can heal before the warmer weather.

Pruned trees are stronger, live longer, and have more strength to withstand storms. Trees are not said to "heal" from pruning wounds, but they compartmentalize by walling off decay. When you prune your trees in the winter months, the growth cycle will use less energy to compartmentalize than if your trees were pruned in an active growth cycle in the spring and summer.


If you haven't pruned your trees in quite some time, the best time to do so is in the winter. They can be evaluated and any corrections that need to be made can be done at the optimum time for your trees health

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